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Sports Vision Glasses Are Available At Eye Street Optical

As an athlete, it is your primary goal to perform your best. You want to be better and faster than the competition. To reach your goal, you likely practice your chosen sport often. To train your muscles, your workout in the gym. One essential thing that athletes forget to focus on is their vision. As an athlete, merely having 20/20 vision isn't enough. If you are going to get ahead of the competition, you need sports vision skills. The professionals at Eye Street Optical in Chantilly offer sports eyewear to enhance your performance.


What Are Sports Vision Skills?

Sports vision skills are essential for football, soccer, basketball, and many other sports. These are skills that will improve your game, making you the best athlete that you can be. Sports vision skills include:

  • Hand-eye coordination: This skill will help you catch a ball, hit a tennis ball, and hit a puck with complete accuracy.
  • Improved depth perception: Depth perception helps you to accurately judge the space between you and the object itself.
  • Eye-tracking ability: Eye-tracking ability helps you follow the motion of an object accurately.

What Sports Vision Tests Can Improve My Vision?

The first step in improving your sports vision is finding out the areas where you need help. This is where sports vision tests come in. Your optometrist can perform a variety of tests, including:

  • Snellen eye chart
  • Contrast sensitivity tests
  • Eye-tracking devices
  • Ocular alignment tests
  • Eye dominance tests
  • Depth perception measurements
  • Eye teaming tests
  • An assessment of your visual processing speed and hand-eye coordination

What Sports Optics Are Available?

There are a range of sports optics available at our clinic to help improve your vision. Some include:

  • Prescription sports glasses: If your visual acuity isn't 20/20 or better, we can prescribe RX sport glasses to enhance your vision. Sports vision glasses are safe to wear during the game, can correct your vision, and can protect your eyes from injuries.
  • Polarized glasses: These glasses allow you to improve in the field by reducing glare.
  • Adjustable temples: Adjustable temples prevent eyeglasses from falling, helping you to move around with ease when playing a sport.

Performance Eyeglasses is Key to Your Sports Vision Training

If you are an athlete and want to improve your vision and game, schedule an appointment with Eye Street Optical in Chantilly. Our team offers RX sport glasses for kids and adults. If you find that you lack in sports performance, we can refer you to an optometrist who specializes in sports vision training. Call 703-830-6377 for more information about our prescription sports glasses.


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