Sports Vision FAQs

Sports vision can give you an edge over your competition. If you are looking for sports glasses to wear during the big game, our Chantilly Eye Street Optical location has what you need. We care about your vision. Whether you are an athlete or just someone who just likes a game of basketball now and then, you need to make sure your vision is always in peak performance. Take a look at this information and learn how you can benefit from our sports vision services.


What is Sports Vision?

Sports vision is a variety of vision health services aimed at athletes. This includes eye exams for athletes as well as sports glasses. When it comes to athletics, our vision services are vital in giving you the edge over the competition. Edging out any advantage we can is important now more than ever. There's no better place to make gains than with your vision.

How Can I Enhance My Game with Sports Glasses?

Sports Vision encompasses everything from making sure you can comfortably wear your glasses or contacts while you play to examining your depth of field and overall vision quality. Athletes have more demanding requirements for their vision than the general population does. That's what sets sports vision exams apart from your average eye care. We want to help you stay in peak performance so that you can get the most out of each game you play. 

Why is Sports Vision Important?

Your regular glasses prescription might be great for your day-to-day life. However, sports require enhanced depth perception as well as enhanced clarity while in motion. On the field, your competition is going to be taking every advantage they can to win the game. Getting your vision up to 20/20 will help you stay ahead.

How Can Athletes Take Care of Their Vision?

One of the best ways you have to take care of your vision is to come in and have regular appointments with your optometrist. We recommend coming in for at least a yearly checkup with your optometrist, but this is even more important for athletes. Making sure you're at peak performance means coming in and having your sports vision examined more often. If you're looking to increase your focus on the game, get in touch with us today for your sports vision exam. 

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